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Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Annual Report 2011-2012

                Annual Report of
Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group was held on the 19th February 2011, 10.30am – 12.30 pm at the Emerton Leisure Centre.

The meeting was opened by Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson; the room was filled with enthusiastic members and visitors to the group. The following were elected to the MDCIG Committee:

President: John Svoboda   
Vice-President: Angela Plows,
Hon. Secretary: Wayne Lu
Hon. Treasurer: Allan Bourman
Publicity Officer: Debbie Robertson.

Our Goals:
We are a local transport group  interested in representing all suburbs of Mount Druitt, with the goal of being involved in getting improved Transport services, and infrastructure with buses, trains, taxis, cycling, and walking in our local area.

We will lobby Blacktown City Council, Councillors, Transport Officers, and elected NSW Minister for Transport, and support from all areas to reach community goals.

We invite all and any local interested commuters to bring their ideas and goals, working for a better Mount Druitt Transport community.

Our Vision:
We are a local Transport advocacy Group, representing the community for the ultimate benefit of the Mount Druitt community and surrounding suburbs.
 We will work together with all transport stake holders, in resolving issues and providing solutions to improve current public transport services, and infrastructure. For the ultimate benefit of the Mount Druitt Community.

In its early stages we ran without having a monthly Committee Meeting. Angela Plows asked for the start of Committee Meeting, they started in August/ September 2011.

 The Hon. Secretary position has been vacated since the resignation of Wayne Lu at our Meeting of 17th December 2011.

Vice President, Angela Plows has been appointed Acting Secretary until the 2012 Annual General Election, and has been working hard to collate all Meeting Minutes, Attendance/Apologies, Agendas, and correspondence, into files, and folders for the group to view, and reference. 

Allan Bourman put to the group about a gold coin donation to raise funds for the groups expenses, and has since been in place with a $2.00 contribution at each meeting.

A Westpac Bank Account "Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group", with Allan Bourman, Wayne Lu & John Svoboda to be signatories on a new account. Mr. Bourman opened the account, but due to only one signatory on the account was closed in September 2011 by the bank.

On assistance of Vice President, Acting Secretary Angela Plows to open the Bank Account, the Mount Druitt Commuters Group decided the new signatories on the account will be Angela Plows, Debbie Robertson, and Allan Bourman.

 On the 21 April, at the meeting, the MDCIGI group was advised that the bank account was opened on 5 April 2012 finally and, cheque books issued a few days later.

On 19th February 2011, we had signed up 15 total members, by the end of the year we had increased our membership to 19 members.
So far by this year 2012 we have had 14 members resigned. With the rising membership, our group has been creating community common interest with other public transport community groups.

Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc.
Angela Plows and John Svoboda, and an alternate member of our group (on each occasion) have represented our group, as part of the umbrella group, Western Sydney Public Transport Users Inc. Policy Committee. Group member representatives have provided strong input into policy and ideas at WSPTU Policy Committees and the WSPTU Transport Symposium.

Policies and Goals
Our true primary policies and goals are to seek, promote, and lobby for public transport improvements, so that as there is a substantial growing trend to get people to use the transport system. It needs to be an affordable, reliable, and a safe public transport system, so private cars are left at home, so causing less congestion of the main roads, highways, and motorways.

     John Svoboda compiled a submission on behalf of our group. His submission to the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan, as submitted: 

  • Full return of Busways 755 bus service to be returned from Mount Druitt to Blacktown prior to bus review change of 2009. Every second bus service went to Plumpton following through to Dean Park and then to Blacktown -  here is Busways response to me - they are trying to move more people west when leaving people behind who want to go east of Mount Druitt for eg; Blacktown  Busways claims that commuters should take 2 bus services not one to Blacktown - do you think this is right?

              ·       Full  return of Busways 762 bus service from Mount Druitt to
         Chestnut Crescent Bidwill. Prior to reviewed and elimination of 
         service which was connecting people in the north of Mount  
         Druitt. In Easter there is 4 days in a row no bus services as
         they are based on Sunday time table services.

              ·         Full return of Westbus 766/769 replacing current Westbus 674
         bus along the west of Mount Druitt - not the shopper hopper
         service we have patronage has dramatically increased.

              ·         We need bus services in very early mornings on weekends and    
         late nights to cater for getting to State Government Sunday 
         Fun Days, shift workers getting to work and families
         meeting families and  having correct accessible transport.

             ·         We need Blacktown City Council to ensure that NSW For 
         transport - provides a high level of protection of policing on
         bus stops, interchanges, bus, trains and taxis and doesn't
         ignore this factor based on this area of Blacktown City Council
         being a low socio-economic area.This protection is provided
         directly for the safety of commuters and transport officers.

             ·          We require policing of smokers in non-smoking areas and  
         alcoholic areas for example; bus interchanges, taxi stands, 
         train, stations and cycle ways, even if it is through Council
         rangers (this especially affects the lives of non-smokers) and 
         has been neglected for years.

            ·           NSW for Transport Follow up with Blacktown City Council to             
         the acceptance of a Mount Druitt free bus shuttle confirmed by 
         Rudi Svarc, Blacktown City Council that Council has placed a
         recommendation to the Minister of Transport at the Blacktown 
         City Council Transport Forum number 37 –        blacktown-city-council-               

            ·              Since at the same Blacktown City Council Transport Forum
          where patronage has increased in Region 1 for buses - has
          our transport services catered for this increase of 6.5% and 
          further increases.

  •    Follow up of request to have bus shuttles from all train      stations within Blacktown LGA to take to Moreau reserve, Rooty Hill for the Rooty Hill firework - this alleviates traffic congestion. Approved by Mayor and other councillors. Other Council's in Western Sydney do it and other community, sporting and Blacktown City Council events.

  •   Due  to noticeable increase of population since 2009 to 2012 in Mount Druitt, transport services should not go backwards and have services removed or cutting services as more          people are commuting on public transport inclusive of bus services – thus moving forward more services should be provide to the demands of our increasing population, as there is a need for it.
  •  Ropes Crossing has there solution for bus service but this is not acceptable as this proposal is negatively affecting Willmot.
  •   Bus services should not be removed due to rock-throwing, missile throwing or any other anti-social issues - other preventative measures should be used to ensure continuing services and essential bus services should be returned back prior to bus review 2009 except for Willmot. Refer to our blog:
  • We need bus services meeting community links in one bus         service not 2 of them for example some community members         can only travel to St Marys Swimming pool as opposed to 2         buses services to Emerton (much closer).
  • Support for the North West rail link to continue under         Schofields, Marsden Park and loop into St Marys.

  •  Construction of Dual Carriageway from St Marys to Penrith and         also a third extra platform at Emu Plains, for terminating         trains.    
  • Instead of three different time tables for bus and trains, one        time table to cover seven days a week – this will make all        commuters aware of when their services arrive and leave,        provide better weekend and late night services which shift        workers to reach shift work, unemployed commuters a better        chance of reach job interviews in weekends, families to reach        promotional places for ‘Sunday Fun days’, commuters to reach        other families and friends, and also commuters to do their        shopping chores and return.
  • ·        On Bus Stops, and Interchanges (where there is multiple bus        services listed) colour-coded Bus stop Numbers for time tables         to make it easier to understand and comprehend.

  • Busways 758 loop to the Masterplan as that service is every        15mins, early mornings, late night, and a good weekend        service. That way most of Shalvey will get a bus back.
  • ·       The Myzone tickets supported excepted where Western Sydney        Commuters have to pay for 3 zones when travelling into more        than one or two zones – Zone 1 commuters only pay for        correct zoning. 

  • ·       Electronic signage at train stations and bus interchanges to        indicate when services will depart.

  • Also audio information on train, stations. 
  • Promotion of bus stop number as per NSW for Transport. Website 131500 also refer to the story on our        blog:
(No editing has been made to this Submission Angela Plows Vice President, Acting Secretary).       2nd May 2012

   Additional Issues Dealing With

  1. ·        Buses at Mt Druitt do not drive over the pavement in bus bays in Mount Druitt bus interchange – which has caused an accident to a commuter while departing. Other Bus bays in Western Sydney are not ‘angled, set down and pick up bus stops.’
  2. ·        More accessible bus stops  and buses compliant to the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  3. ·        Split level interchange & car park plan by Peter Kerr

Meeting Venues
We have moved from the Emerton Leisure Centre to the West Trades Club in Dharruk, from approximately mid last year and we are thankful for the clubs services provided to us free of charge.

    2nd Annual Greater Western Sydney ‘Zest’ Awards

We had 4 nominations as follows:
Community Leader – Volunteer – John Svoboda
‘Out of the Box’ – Wayne Lu
Youth Leader – Blake Bardowski
Volunteer Group – Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group
Journalism – Kylie Stevens  St. Marys- Mount Druitt Star
Journalism – Susan Lui – Mount Druitt-St Marys Standard

The successful one was Blake Bardowski, who won the highly recommended Award. This is a reflection on his individual efforts in planning, and mapping bus routes for the community. Last year he spent one week work experience with Westbus Parramatta.
With our BlogSpot, we have had 644 blogs, 31,329 hits and 46 comments (on blogs) up until the end of March 2012. So the website seems to be a great place to educate people in and around Mount Druitt, and keeps them in touch with our local transport issues. NSW for Transport, Blacktown City Council Officers, Bus operators, City Rail staff, and Local media newspapers pick up stories, and commuters take great interest in the stories. The facts and suggestions help keep the community involved in transport issues, for better Transport Services in the Mt Druitt Area.

Annual Financial/ Balance Sheet 19/2/2011 - 31/3/2012


Golden Coins

Stamps (Allan)

Misc Income

Incorporation Costs

Admin Costs




Signed by Hon. Treasurer: Beresford Bourman _____________________   Dated________________

What I omitted from this years report is the great support we had from Councillor Jacqueline Donaldson, in getting concrete slabs done on bus stops, correct bus shelters on bus stops and other issues that need to be resolved through Blacktown City Council.

Also to the former Senior Transport officer Stephen Briant and  to Nirab Rijal who have and are currently supporting our group. Also that has made a possible result to our group,  local NSW State members of parliament that have an interest in our group as well!

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