Monday, May 14, 2012

More Seats For Trains - Thus More Chance To Sit!

Seven Hills commuter Jun, claims he catches trains because of convenience as it is an inexpensive way of getting to places compared to taking your car out to drive and also adding the cost of parking. Thus at the end of the day, it is also an economical decision that has swayed him towards public transport commuting.

What he would like to see improved is: less morning trains during peak hours crowded and seating is hard to get! This can provide a delay in train services as people find seats to sit. Although, he would like to see more services to release the burden on unavailable seating. Jun states that City Rail need to research the needs for this to be done as well as complete feasibility studies and look at  increase the carriage sizes allowing more seats to be placed on train carriages, based on government funding. That means seats not made that wide!In other words more 'bum' on seats!

So here is a commuter who is thinking  of the commercial viability of improvements and understands the reason of for and against leaning on towards 'for'!

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