Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Transport Officer: More Trains On West Of Western Line Required!

A clever Glendinning transport officer, Fred, travels by car to Mount Druitt to catch trains to and from Strathfield. This transport officer was one of only a few days where they travel by trains or other forms of public transport.

The  main issue he has is there are mostly more trains going to Riverstone than heading to Mount Druitt, has been waiting for 20-30 minutes, to catch trains to Penrith.

Transport For NSW  needs to compare the growing populations and growth areas of Riverstone and mount Druitt and see when and fit services where they are needed, thus then providing more trains to Mount Druitt.

In Japan's rail system there is a 3 minute panic plan, for late trains - over in Sydney City Rail he doesn't know if we have one!

Also  there is claims that Australians are not getting top jobs in City Rail, there are all controlled by Englishman or ladies and Australians are not even looked at for these positions.

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