Thursday, May 3, 2012

Westbus Driver Saves Paper - He Is a 'Greenie'!

This morning I caught a Westbus 780 to Mount Druitt - missed the Westbus 674 by 2 minutes - my own fault (Can't blame public transport all the time!).
MyMulti3 ticket
Any way, I used the Mymulti 3 ticket (which is a combined bus/rail ferry ticket). In the City you drop your ticket in an electrodynamic ticketing device which makes a unique noise, scans it and then pops it back up to you to pick up.

Out west, we are behind the times,  no scanning, showing the ticket and the bus driver punches for a white ticket pick up and you take.

Generally, bus drives provide a  printed ticket and I know the reason why. It has always been in my mind as it startled myself and you read you'll understand why. I was told by a previous Westbus driver that they have to print the ticket for insurance purposes!  That meant to me, that if involved in an accident or anti-social behaviour and I was dead from that the ticket. it was proof  that I was on the bus/ Then my family maybe can make an insurance claim! I don't know the real answer but this always sounded good!

So today's Westbus driver show myself that he can press button ( on his electronic ticket machine), and request not to print ticket. This he is proud of saving paper for the company and Transport for NSW! I said you're a good "Greenie'! He laughed and enjoyed that comment!

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