Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Commuter From Mount Druitt former WSPTU Enthusiast!

Hassall Grove commuter former and former Western Sydney Public Transport User enthusiast, Faribi, makes important decisions everyday as he travels to and from Town Hall. He sometimes drives to Rooty Hill or Mount Druitt and then  catches the trains. As Mount Druitt has more train services he will try to head in that direction to catch trains, rather than Rooty Hill.

He would have loved to carry on with his passion for public transport but he had a lot of family commitments and was thinking WSPTU was only looking at rail and was support by the then government, a few years ago. Faribi claims local transport planning is of high importance as we look at a growing public transport community

This happened before I had been involved with WSPTU and all I can say is we haven't had the NSW government at any time set the agenda for us at any meeting. Also as a WSPTU Vice-President, I can assure you that 'WSPTU', MDCIG and personally myself have been concentrating efforts on local transport. That is where it all starts from or should start from when Transport for NSW works on the NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan.

I personally thank Faribi for his comments, thoughts and expressions of interest, as I value everyone's input in public transport. We need people like Faribi to join local public transport advocacy groups and make a stand for the commuters of western Sydney whilst focussing on the important issues of local transport.

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