Thursday, May 17, 2012

Will Transit Officers Jobs Come back?

Transit officers yesterday have advised me that although their job will be replaced by police officers, ratio 600 replaced by 200. What they understand is that they have heard that Police Officers do not like to do the City Rail job and also find 200 officers will not be able to cope with the security of commuters, keeping up with it.

After midnight they believe there will be no security on the trains and this can be very daunting to all commuters. On a different point (not knowing to the whole community), there are under cover transit officers that work on the graffiti gangs. Police officers will not be covering this so there will be more public graffiti on all facets of public transport property and transport vehicles, once the transit officers job is removed.

The afterthought is that although the new New South Wales Government is planning to remove these positions and replace them, these transit officers  think that the New South Wales government will have to re-employ transit officers in the future, to ensure proper safety of commuters,  transport officers and public transport property are protected.

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Anonymous said...

This is sounds good in theory having Police on public transport until you look into the numbers 610 over three modes of transport 24/7. The numbers just dont add up, the Police will put on big show for couple of months and then they will just disappear away from transport. Leaving the Commutter to wolves

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