Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mount Druitt Community Is Offered Community Summit events - Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031

This is where you can have your say, if you really are passionate about improvements in the the Mount Druitt area (although this is for the entire region of Sydney) 'Your Future Sydney'. I really recommend you go to one of these sessions so you know you do your community proud.

Click Here For Community Summit events - Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031

Mount Druitt Part Of Metropolitan Plan For Sydney - WSPTU Submission

An important plan for the future which incorporates the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan is currently being drafted by three University students from Newcastle, click below on the link for further details:

Metropolitan Plan For Sydney - WSPTU Draft Submission

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Suggestion For Improvements to Mount Druitt Bus Interchange Required - Mount Druitt Commuter!

This is a quote from Ron on the Western Sydney Public Transport Users - Face Book Group: 

Arriving at the Mount Druitt Bus interchange about 10am, The interchange had come to a standstill. A private car had caused an accident between two buses at the drop off zone. It appeared the private car caused a Busways bus to brake hard causing a Westbus to ram the rear left hand side of the Busways causing extensive damage to both buses . Police were on site when we arrived. This was one rare occasion I didn`t have a camera with me. This demonstrates just how much more space is needed for these buses and this interchange as it is now is an avoidable disaster waiting to happen. Same to are the single door buses, sure there are items to brake glass. Tell me how injured people may be able to brake glass in an emergency?

Click here for the Western Sydney Public Transport Users Face Book Group: make sure you are registered on Face Book

Editors Notes: This is something not only myself but other members of our group have been advocating for and will lobby the relevant government bodies to do this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Committee for Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. 2013-2014

I would like to thank the group members who have understood the time needed to get over a loss of someone close, as previously mentioned. Click Here for further details

Whilst I have been away and not able to attend, the Annual General Meeting for the group was held on the 25th May 2013 and I am proud to announce that Angela Plows has been elected President. Angela has worked tirelessly hard in her role as Secretary and stood up for the group on many occasions, advocating for all improvements on bus routes that have not been fully returned, also improvements on all aspects of public transport in and around Mount Druitt.

Anne Goncalves has been re-elected Vice-President, has been a great Vice-President chairing meetings in the past, when I wasn't able too, as a former President. Allan (Beresford) Bourmann re-elected Treasurer- who manages our accounts as careful as the Country's Treasurer - based on small funds we manage. Debbie Robertson, Publicity Officer - who carries our  group to communities and promotes the goodness our group does. Finally, myself elected as Secretary, change of role as part of a leadership team that represents the public transport community in seeking the right improvements for the area.

Personally, I am honoured that the group has elected myself on the Committee (even though I wasn't available for personal reasons) and hope that the group and community entrust new faith and hope to the new role that I have been elected to do. In saying that, if I was going to be present at the meeting I would have cast my vote for Angela Plows as President. She so much deserves it and I'm sure Angela will enjoy her new role as we work together in complete harmony during the oncoming year.

To Hugh Worrall from WSPTU, thank you for chairing the meeting and guiding the meeting through its election. I appreciate the support  you have provided to the group.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Commuter Loved By Myself - Now Deceased!

I have not published a blog for a very good personal reason - the last few days. Although, it has been very stressful and highly emotional times. it is with this, I now let you know that a very close family public transport commuter from Kingsford has passed away recently.

Yes, my mother died peacefully yesterday and in loving memory of my Mum I would like to thank her for her kindest of words for  supporting what I am doing on advocating for improved and better public transport within Mount Druitt and Western Sydney. 

I have published one or two blogs on her struggles in using public transport on the Western Line (getting to my residence), whilst  there was some track work. Where it took her four hours one weekend to get to our place and also four hours return the very next day or so. I advised her, that to overcome the related track work weekends, she would need to come over on Fridays and leave on Mondays.

So Mum,  I now pray to God that you are blessed to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven travelling in eternal forever peace!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Comment From Mount Druitt Commuter - Proposed Free Shuttle Bus!

I love speaking to all commuters. If there was an election for   Premier Commuters in Western Sydney I might be close to a front runner. Yet, there isn't  a chance and as I have said in the past - I will not run for any elections: local, state and/or federal! So politicians you're lucky!

Seriously, a young lady asked myself when I showed her the petition and the route - why should we  have a  'Free' shuttle bus? I was blown, not expecting it. I answered as other commuters say, Parramatta, Blacktown and Penrith has one....' Before I could say, 'The people of Mount Druitt deserve one!'

Her head nodded so positively and said a strong,'Yes!'

I tell you it doesn't take much to convince people why we need one!

More Money Spent On City Rail Trains And Drivers - Seven Hills Commuter

A very nice Macquarie University Student, Gaurav from Seven Hills travels to Macquarie park via the Westbus 611. which he finds is very good bus service that take him 20 minutes to get to Macquarie Park and also on a separate trip return.

One of the improvements he would like to see in public transport is the AM City Rail,  delays in the morning up to 20 minutes late that happens to his friends travelling to the City and also happens to himself, when he works. Sometimes when his friends get to work, their bosses where they work are upset  with them as they are not arriving on time.

He advice was that money does need to be spent on our government in improvements in trains and importantly drivers and maybe more rail tracks need to  planned to move more commuters to more parts of Sydney and the  Greater Western Sydney. Reference was made to 'The Sydney Age' where there was an article  about India's railway where there has been a growth in Rail public transport, focus in rail public transport train services every 20 minutes and a 200 per cent profit per annum.

Click here for an example of India growth of Rail Public Transport - The Age Melbourne

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Increased Busways 739 Service Required - Minchinbury Commuter!

A young an UWS university student from Minchinbury travels by  Busways 739 to Mount Druitt, catches City Rail trains to and from Parramatta, to catch any buses starting with '52' from Parramatta to Rydalmere and return.

He  is looking for improvements on the Busways 739 route by way of increased services in off-peak times to a half hour service, as he claims he would then spread the word to family and friends so that they would  travel on more buses. Not only that it would promote improved public transport services within Minchinbury. This would not only make his life easier but easier for others.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NSW Transport Command Requires Assistance Wants Assistance From Commuters- Daily Telegraph 13/5/2013

This is an article from the Daily Telegraph 13/5/2013, which requires assistance from commuters in relation to arrests on all forms of crimes on the rail network:

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Petition Signed For Another Petition To Be Signed!

I  didn't know that I could bargain with a lady that was asking me to sign her petition on 'Banning Body Organs being sold in China'.

So as I was sitting down on the bench on platform 1, Mount Druitt train station. Then came out of nowhere: a lady wanted me to sign the above petition (as mentioned). So I asked her, would she sign the Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition and she so agreed. There was a young man, next to me and he was quite willing to sign our petition as well and all of us were happy!

The lady had no objection to signing our petition and I think was bewildered that somebody else would offer another petition as a bargaining tool! She in her own way, quitely accepted it and then quietly she moved away.

Barriers For Commuters!

Getting to train station barriers can be daunting and surprising if you are not ready for them! Okay, what is meant by this statement?

The idea is you have tour train ticket as you enter the train station.  It is placed into the opening insert then automatically it feeds the ticket through the ' electronic reader', pops out with 'Green' for 'Go' or 'Red' for 'No Go!' You then you pick up your ticket and the electronic gates open. This leaves you a few seconds to walk through pass the electronic ticket barrier and then to your platform. The same action is done when exiting a train station.

Now, sometimes there are Police Officers with sniffer dogs on both sides of the barriers, just waiting to catch the fare evader. When entering the barriers from he platform, these officers are seen and commuters not holding tickets are slow walking to find their tickets.

Another time, everyone arrives at the barrier at the same time with no tickets at hand and then all them are searching for their ticket, a few seconds later one has a ticket and all other commuters go through the barrier. As looking for tickets, everyone is looking at each other to see who finds their ticket first. This is what happened tonight and I know the new electronic ticketing system ' tap and go' - this wouldn't happen!

People will have their electronic cards ready to go! How will this be policed?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

New Strategy To Inform Commuters Of Mount Druitt Proposed Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

The last few weeks I have lobbying as hard as I can, to ask commuters if they would like to sign a Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition. Whilst I have been doing this, I sometimes choose different areas within Mount Druitt of heavy walking traffic corridors, to achieve the ultimate goal of having at least one signature on the petition.

So, as I have been using my voice I have noticed some commuters do not want to hear me as they may not be aware of what I am doing. Some commuters have Ipods, radios from mobile phones (with ear pieces plugged into ears), and look straight, some look straighter and their eyes don't even look at me on purpose, some quickly see me and on purpose ignore me. 

This doesn't deter what I am doing, as I understand these commuters are either rushing to catch their trains or their buses, get home or to go to work quickly.

I now am using a new strategy that also appears to be working for the first time I have used it. I am using a simple sign that is eye catching and commuters can read it. I think what I need to do is make the word 'Free' eye catching by enlarging it. I have had commuters read it and come up immediately sign it. Now I am speechless!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Solar-Powered Trains- Quakers Hill Commuter

I meet lots of interesting public transport commuters every day, some of them (actually most of them) are astounded to how I approach them, provide them with our details, so that they take up  further and future interest in public transport travelling.

So, as I discuss local transport issues and/or ask them for public transport improvements, sometimes, I think I don't have much time to talk to them. Yet, we do our best.

This evening, I met Kazi and his wife (who was sleeping), yet was very attentive as I was speaking to Kazi in relation to public transport topics. Kazi travels by City Rail trains from Quakers Hill to Town Hall and return during the week, Monday to Fridays.

He and his wife find the general riding of trains bumpy and that track work maintenance should make other lines (for trains to travel on) to make rail trips flow easier.

 He also claims free Wi-Fi connection should be supplied on train carriages making it easier for each commuter to use the Internet with their electronic gadgets, keeping them entertained, whilst on the journey and  placing them in their own comfort zones.

Finally, he was also presenting a suggestion that should be accepted by City Rail to reduce ticketing prices and that is advertising billboards alongside the railway. This would promote a net earning income and commuters could be influenced by the making decision to purchase products and services advertised.

Then, his wife mentioned that the NSW for Transport and City Rail Managers, should look into the future for a solar-powered train, so that the NSW Government will save costs in the long term.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Refurbish Train Carriages To Save Money For City Rail

 A commuter that claims there's lots of improvements needed to be made with City Rail. Nimal from Wooodcroft, catches City Rail trains to the City and return from Doonside train station, Monday to Fridays.

His main concern is that we need more trains, especially after the train we were catching to Doonside, Mount Druitt (from Parramatta 4.17pm) had ample seating. Yet he claims the next train that heads out west would be overcrowded. 

Train cleanliness - this mostly happens on old trains servicing the Western Line and providing newer trains would solve this problem. If the NSW Government doesn't have the money to provide newer trains then the older train carriages should be refurbished.

Providing newer trains would also solve the last issue for Nimal as he says there are a lot of trains carriages that have no heating and provide cold air in winter!

Editors Notes: Refurbished train carriages - great idea! This could save a lot of money and at the same time update technology with the  electrical parts of the carriage: electronic signs, emergency help points, heating/cooling and proper lighting.

What do you think about refurbishing old trains compared to purchasing new ones?

Mount Druitt Commuters Welcome The Busways Double Decker Buses!

Commuters and bus drivers are getting used to the Busways Double Decker buses on the 750 bus route.

So far, commuters are astounded that such a lovely bus is on this route and even in Mount Druitt. My sources indicate that this will be a well patronised bus service and the service will increase dramatically in due time.

I have not as yet been on it,  the chance will come one day and then will be honoured to ride on it, as something very special, we have out west. This is something good Mount Druitt is getting. In time, there may be more Double Decker buses likely to run in other routes within the area, later.

Already one commuter says it is good that the staircase is in the front of the bus compared to the previous 'Atlantean Sydney Buses' which were in the middle of the bus and the previous Double Decker buses (before that) were at the back of the bus and open ( No Door).

Click Here for photo courteous Mount Druitt Commuter

Older Sydney Buses
Atlantean buses Sydney

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Different Strategy To Get To Mount Druitt Bus Interchange/Train Station

Something strange happened on the bus on Monday morning, which I had to ask the bus driver to relief my curiosity. He was asked this question, when we reached Mount Druitt.

Travelling on buses for nearly twenty-three years within and outside of Mount Druitt and this thing never happened to me ever before. I remember in the early days, buses used to wait at the bus stop on Bulolo Drive anywhere from one minute to five minutes and that was for the bus drivers to ensure they are running to 'on time timetables'.

Yet, after leaving my bus stop on the outwards journey to Mount Druitt, the bus was travelling at a speed of approximately 35-40 kilometres. Normally, bus drivers travel the speed limit to reach Mount Druitt bus interchange quicker. So when I asked the bus driver nicely what was the problem with the bus (I thought it was a mechanical issue). he explained that they have to go slower to meet the bus time tables. If they go too fast, they will not be able to pick up commuters on the way to the train station.

Next day, being today, adifferent bus driver drove the normal speed limit this morning of 50 Kilometres!

NSW Taxi Council Representative Supports Proposed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Route And Petition!

Yes, would you believe it! A local NSW Taxi Council representative was overall excited, when I mentioned to him that the Mount Druitt Community and Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc are petitioning for a Proposed Free Shuttle bus. 

Without looking at the route he said that, 'Mount Druitt should and needs a free shuttle bus. He will honestly take petition and support it.' He also included making strong statements like, 'The community deserves it and we should've had it a long time ago'! Wow this is one of many true stories people say that is happening to me and our community.

I did suggest that maybe there could be taxi stands along the route - he nodded with his head! Then I thought about it maybe not!

Does anyone think that a Taxi Council Representative  is a good promotion  for a Proposed Free Bus Shuttle Bus?

Polite Bus Driver Apologises

Last Thursday, when I caught the bus going to work in Bulolo Road, Whalan, the doors of the bus kept on flipping open and closed. It was like the automatic switch was keeping on being pressed by the bus driver.

Although I hit myself walking towards the door, the bus driver was immediately politely so apologetic, yet I 'thanked' him (like we all should!). It was like he thought he was directly responsible for the action of the doors, when we all understand, it wasn't done deliberately! Malfunctions of bus equipment should not be directed to the bus driver as this is part of maintenance check ups. Good on you bus driver!

City Rail Safety Meeting - St Marys Mount Druitt Star

Safety a big worry for rail passengers 

St Marys-Mt Druitt StarNot all commuters feel safe travelling on City Rail’s western line trains since NSW Police took over security on public transport.
A community forum was held in Mount Druitt last Thursday, hosted by state opposition leader John Robertson and shadow transport minister Penny Sharpe.
Transit officers are being phased out as part of a dedicated Police Transport Command announced by the state government last year.
Ms Sharpe has demanded a review of public transport security and will set up a petition.
She said vandalism and graffiti on trains has gone up 13.6 per cent in two years.
Guest speaker was North St Marys resident Patricia Hooker, whose two sons were assaulted on a train between St Marys and Rooty Hill earlier this year.
‘‘I’m just a mum who wants safer trains for their children,’’ she said.
A transit officer vowed to keep commuters safe until they’re fully phased out in December.
‘‘I promise you my colleagues will protect you as much as we can,’’ he said.
Penrith commuter Adrian Catt was a transit officer until he was made redundant last year.
‘‘I’m concerned about safety on trains,’’ he said.
‘‘Police don’t have a grip on graffiti, which is no criticism of them. Transit officers know the train network better than police.’’
Rail, Tram Bus Union organiser Helen Bellete would rather drive her teenage son to friends’ places then let him catch the train.
‘‘They needs to bring back security officers on trains and give people what they expect, a safe and efficient transport system,’’ she said.
Wheelchair-bound Glendenning resident Alex Dennis has never seen police on a train.
‘‘I’ve witnessed incidents where I’ve wondered if I will end up in hospital,’’ he said.
‘‘It scares me whenever I get on a train as to whether I will get to work and get home okay. There should be more transit police on trains but not taken out of local area commands.’’

‘‘Safety and security is one of the key concerns of customers, and there is nothing more reassuring than a high visibility, high profile police presence on trains, buses and ferries. Only police have police powers,’’ she said.Transport minister Gladys Berejiklian said the change was in commuters’ best interests.
‘‘In 2011-12, RailCorp spent $26 million to repair and remove vandalism and graffiti, down from $40 million the previous year.’’
Go to for the full story and to comment.

Commuters Feel Increase In City Rail Patronage - Mount Druitt Commuter

I overheard a public transport conversation between two male commuters and I could stop and  join in. Public transport to me, is such an interesting topic - although I couldn't talk about it twenty-four hours!

The interesting part mentioned by one of the men was that in the last twelve years is that there are more and more people using City Rail trains now compared to then. back then there would have been twelve to fifteen people  on this train service in the morning now there are at least twenty to twenty-five people entering the carriage from each doorway into the carriage and yet  this gentleman feels that the train service is quite adequate to accommodate the current patronage. 

It is in the future there fear that there may be over-crowdedness and possible 'missing train services' due to over-crowdedness. Thus that is where the NSW Long term Transport Master Plan would take over to cater for the future:

Click here for the NSW Long Term Master Plan

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Electronic Indicator Signs Being Installed In Mount Druitt Train Station

Mount Druitt Train Station will finally enter into new technology shortly as new electronic indicator boards are installed, in the vestibule area and  on platforms 1-4.
Work in Progress as they connect the new wiring

Further Work in Progress

Although we knew it was 'work in progress' for City Rail, I was expecting it would have been completed by end of next year. I thank the Western Line Manager, who has been pushing for us  since I spoke to him about it  near 2 years ago.

Commuters , should have a better understanding  of when expected times of trains are  arriving and it's destination.

Getting The Message - 'Cleaner train Carriages'

Tonight I met a young Rooty Hill lady travelling on the train, who experienced delays getting home to day due to track-work. One thing was she was very sensible in acknowledging that although City Rail trains need constant cleaning, the the mess is caused and created by commuters.

She was wondering what is the best way to prevent trains been messed up by commuters - very difficult to resolve. Yet she claims that if regular clean up occur on trains, then people might get the message

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Further Commuter Comments (As Petitions Are Being Signed) For The Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus!

The last week there has been a stream of comments that come from different people who commute on public transport and I truly do not want to make it one sided and provide  both sides, if and when I can. It is important I report this you the way I see it and each  minute, each hour, each day and month I am getting more encourage by the people that live in this great place of Mount Druitt. There is a 'people care' attitude going around the area.

I even have a lady called Naomi, who  had seen myself today, just after I got one signature and  asked if she could help with Rooty Hill shops. I could not refuse as she was happy that I was doing a good job, she wanted to help!

She advised she will visit the Rooty Hill tobacconist, Imperial Hotel, Lynch Chemist, Rooty Hill Medical Centre and the Rooty Hill Chemist. Wow again my job is done!

Another lady, young said she knows her work colleagues will complete 2 pages  of the petition and return to us.

Here are the further comments, you have been waiting for:

  • You're a legend!
  • You won't get the free shuttle bus in Mount Druitt and that is why I will not sign it - response from different commuter: when the Free Shuttle Bus comes in he will be the first one to want to use it - where will  his signature be on the petition, then!
  • It will provide great connections for great people.
  • Good on you!
  • Best of luck!
  • Does the shuttle bus start tonight!
  • Does it go to the city of Sydney!
  • I work along the route - it will be good for me.
  • I'm not interested I live in George Street and have a car! -  response from me: we have other people from George Street that have signed the petition!
  • I like walking!
  • The Parramatta shuttle bus is successful, why  shouldn't the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus be successful.
  • It is a convenient service for the people.

Bus Stops And People Wait To Be Released!

Greg, a local community member from Lethbridge Park,  has reported to me in the past a few public transport incidents that have happened to him in the past. I've always known Greg as a travelling Public Transport commuter, for more than twenty years.

Yesterday he was travelling on the Westbus 759 and the bus exit from the Mount Druitt bus interchange it went along North Parade and  turned right into Oxford Lane Street and the bus lost power just before the round about at Kurrajong Avenue.

There was a twenty minute wait and the bus driver kept the commuters on the bus and would not release them from the bus until the replacement bus came. Although the bus driver didn't say much as soon as the replaced bus he released the doors open and then the commuters were let off to join the  replacement bus.

So the question was, couldn't the bus driver release the doors open and allow the commuters to walk 5 - 10 minutes back to Mount  Druitt, so they could catch their bus.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interest For The Hub Meeting Tomorrow Night Re- Safety On City Rail Trains

We have an interesting e-mail being received from a member of the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Group, regarding details of the Mount Druitt Hub Meeting organised by John Robertson, NSW Opposition Leader and NSW Opposition Spokesperson for Transport, Penny Sharpe.

Click here for further details
Details of the e-mail:

From the Trust Secretary of the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Group, Colin Johnston.

As background, I have appended below our most recent e-message to some 500 members and friends.  Last night, the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust convened a public meeting on the North West Rail Link proposals.  The meeting was lively, with independent expert presentation, plus commentaries on the NWRL by Hon Greg Smith SC MP - NSW Attorney-General (our local MP) and Opposition Transport Spokesperson, Hon Penny Sharpe MLC.  Hornsby Shire Council Deputy Mayor, plus a number of other Councillors, plus interested Progress Associations from affected areas also attended.  The ABC recorded much of the proceedings.

If you click on (recorded and uploaded by an independent resident, I think), that may give you an idea of the meeting.
Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust: Have your say ... Epping to Thornleigh 3rd rail email survey; ALSO North West Rail - Public Meeting Mon 29 April ...

Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust
INC - ABN 41449599554          PO Box 31, Beecroft 2119

Have your say – Epping to Thornleigh Third Rail Track
This NSW Government rail project involves the construction of some six kilometres of new freight track between Epping and Thornleigh stations on the western side of the rail corridor.  A 95-second video clip on local rail noise is accessible by double-clicking the web-link Another version of the same problem was broadcast by Channel 7 –

Residents are campaigning to have the noise reduced as part of the NSW Government’s proposed Northern Sydney Freight Corridor construction, which would bring a third rail line through our area.  Some details are accessible at  Your Trust’s EIS response [Northern Sydney Freight Corridor] is accessible at  Please forwarded this message to interested local friends and neighbours.

Have your say by clicking on
Initial summary results will be provided after 7 days.

Next Monday 29 April – Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust - PUBLIC MEETING …proposed changes to the North West Rail Link (NWRL) - 7pm for 7.30pm at Recreation Club (60-74 The Crescent, Cheltenham) 
Your Trust has invited Eco-Transit to come and present their insights on this notable down-sizing of the NWRL … including single deck carriages and the likelihood that privatisation is part of a Metro system now planned for Sydney’s long suffering North-West.  Our NSW Parliamentary representative, Hon Greg Smith, SC MP will attend.  The NSW Shadow Transport Minister, Penny Sharpe, has agreed to attend and speak briefly at our meeting.  We also expect local Councillors to attend and support resident concerns.  
To view an Eco-Transit video briefing, please click on  Your Trust’s submission on this is accessible at

Save Our Bus Services

Read our story on how we made it our priority to ensure bus services are re-instated from services taken away in 2009.