Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mount Druitt Commuter Needs More Policing Along North Parade!

Leon, a very inspiring gentleman  from Whalan recently had issues with young teenagers driving around in a car screaming alongside North Parade Mount Druitt and throwing missile stones at commuter's cars. north Parade is alongside Mount Druitt train station.  It sent shock-waves to himself and his wife who were near their car.

Leon was suggesting there should be more continuous police patrolling along North parade to deter this type of anti-social behaviour. Police would be in a great position to prevent this issue from happening or if witnessing these events, take the number  plate of the car down and do their investigations, if these people  drive off.

Mount Druitt could be a great place in the world if only all people care and do not cause intent to harm others.

I sometimes pray that someone listens and all people have good minds and attention to others - where has the caring and respecting of others gone?

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