Friday, February 1, 2013

More Lovely Commuters On Public Transport Feedback - Where Else Are They From: Mount Druitt

So, this is another day where I have my own opportunity (in my own time). to discuss/interview and give an opportunity to other people from with our own community a chance to speak on public transport.

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself with two lovely people , who were quite happy work together. each giving each  other the chance to have their say. For hundreds of people so far this is their golden opportunity, the chance to air it out, make yourself be heard or remain quite and nothing may happen.

Fazle and Sayaida from Mount Druitt catch Busways 750 return to Mount Druitt and then trains to Blacktown, to visit doctors, do shopping, visiting and go to other places. They provided a list of  public transport improvements they would like to see improve as per below list:

  • The 750 buses come come 5 minutes earlier then time tabled,  because of this they miss their connected trains and their is the additional 30 minutes waiting period for the next bus services - the suggestion to provide 10-15 bus services and  ensure that buses run  to time table.
  • Cleanliness on trains is extremely dirty especially when they have both seen a can of Coca-cola lying on the floor of the carriage with liquid pouring out - suggestion is to make Commuters on City Rail trains more accountable, more vigilance resulting in financial financial fines.
  • Trains not properly ventilated for summer, conditioning  train temperatures, providing commuter comfort - suggestion is to provide more modern upgraded trains on the Western Line
  • Train announcement by individual transport officers, who tend to have a different accent, seem to be hard to understand - the solution would be to have a clear distinct voice, similar to the voice operated ones on train stations, who also speak at the correct speed.
  • They are pleased that bins have been placed on train platforms as there wasn't many bins on platform before!
  •  Require more interchangeable seats, so facing the same direction providing more ease and comfort.
  • They feel Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill and Doonside are behind the times with no electronic signage on platforms.
  • Lifts/escalators required on Rooty Hill and Doonside train Station.
  • Flemington train station needs ramps, lifts and elevators to assist commuters who cart their loads of shopping home on the City Rail trains - this was a special request from Sayaida - she was passionately raising this one to myself.
Well that was it but if I had more time, my hand could have ended up cramping - no, not really - but  I would have been forever writing for more and more times. Great people we have with great ideas!

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