Friday, February 8, 2013

NSW Department of Education & Communities Response to Mount Issues With School Bus Passes

It took us a while to get a response from the NSW Department of Education & Communities, in relation to the School Bus Pass issue that was raised to our Group last year.

Although it appears that we contacted the Mount Druitt office of NSW Department of Education & Communities soon as we were provided with the issue , it may have been 'swept under the carpet' until following up with the Western Area, NSW Department of Education & Communities. The thing is, if  the issue is not heard after a while, you take the matter higher up until it does receive the attention needed, with the positive result.

At present, we appreciate the response received on behalf of the  Karen Bryant – School Education Director, Mount Druitt and will provide you with more details as it happens.

Here is the response received:

'In response to your enquiry regarding secondary students being denied bus passes because the bus operators do not recognise Chifley College. I have contacted the Principal Chair of Chifley College, Mr Mark Burnard, Chifley College Bidwill Campus and he will be placing a request to the Western Sydney Regional Asset planner to contact Westbus and Busways and raise the issue directly with them.
 Should you require any further information on the progress of this matter you can contact Mr Mark Burnard on telephone number 9628 2222. '

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