Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Open All Day Barriers At Train Stations - Mount Druitt Commuter!

One thing that rarely happens is when commuters yell at me, whilst passing by myself on the way to the Mount Druitt bus interchange.  

And today that happened to myself as I was talking to another commuter, yet what was said was spoken so fast that I had to ask three times, this commuter, 'Are you upset on me?'

Shaking his head he said, 'No, he was upset on the station assistant, not opening the side barrier at Mount Druitt train station'. The  reason being there were  commuters with  prams and  wheelchair commuters as well wanting to pas the barrier and the barrier not been open all day.

My placid response to him was, I don't think that they have to open  the side barriers all day, especially as it prevents fare evaders. The commuters voice went low and calmed down as I advised I will refer to the Western Line City Rail Manager and provide a response after viewing 131500.

I must admit my heart went up rapidly once I heard him yelling but dropped down suddenly when I heard it was me he was actually yelling about! Thank God for that!

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