Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plumpton Commuter Seeks More Frequent Faster Trains!

A  hard working lady from Plumpton, that was relaxing on the train was quite to speak to me about her improvement she would like to see, making her travelling quality of life better.

She gets dropped by car to Rooty Hill or Mount Druitt train station and  travels by City Rail by train to Central and return.

Like every commuter what she wants is simply faster trains from the city to Mount Druitt, as she has found thorough the last couple of years, her travelling time is increasing which reduces her quality of life time.

From 3.30pm-5pm during the week days she would like to see  more trains leave Redfern, first stop 'Parramatta. Blacktown and then Mount Druitt'. She is wondering why we are going backwards instead of going forward. Currently trains she catches are now  after Redfern station, 'Strathfield, Auburn, Clyde, Granville, Harris Park and then Parramatta' this adds a lot of time on journeys.

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