Thursday, February 14, 2013

Suggestion For Air-Conditioning And Heating On Trains - Glenmore park Commuter!


Yesterday,  I spoke to Sam from Glenmore Park, who daily catches return City Rail trains from Penrith to the City and then also catches return train to Mascot during the weekdays. 

He finds in general services are good and sleeps easy, which rest is important to him for these times of the day. one word of advice he would like to suggest to City Rail is when starting train journeys, do not commence the heating in Winter or the Cooling in Summer, at the very beginning of the journey. He recommends  they  both should be turned on at least 15 minutes before the  very start of the morning services

Then the air-conditioning and heating is on they are good, is happy with the time table and again he commented generally trains are OK!

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