Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Happens When You Pass Your 'Train Station'?

It's not something you want to think about but then it is better to get prepared for it, in case it does happens. Yes, we all travel on trains and  have a reasonably good idea which train station we will be getting off.

Furthermore, a majority of times we get out that train station, knowing it is the correct train station we then proceed to other destinations easily. Yet when we  for some odd reason  realise that your train station is behind you then how how you react - actually how should you react?

Well over the years, there has been a few times I have over passed my train station or even caught the wrong train going to the wrong direction. I remember the first tome  was I was fast asleep - probably travelling from North Sydney or even Chatswood (where I was working) and I suddenly woke up as the train left Mount Druitt. Obviously I scared myself as I suddenly woke and the people around myself, must have been laughing inside!

After I was cool, calm and sedate and couldn't wait to get off at Penrith train station to head back home.

Recently, I caught the Express train to Penrith (from Parramatta) - not realising that it was that and acted like nothing happened! Looked passed Mount Druitt thinking that I wish there was a fault on the line and we had to get off in Mount Druitt. That didn't work!

So again, as before I got off at Penrith train station and then return to Mount Druitt train station to head home. I didn't show any anger nor was I irate!

Thirdly, I remember catching a train from North Sydney (about twenty years ago) and I read the sign saying Blacktown, Mount Druitt and Penrith after Redfern and as I was reading some journals onnthe train, later on I looked outside. I noticed was heading to North Strathfield. What did that mean was the return trip was to head back to Strathfield and then transfer to Mount Druitt.

The worst thing about that was there was a bout two hundred or more commuters who also got got on the same wrong train! Announcements were made apologise were provided at north Strathfield Train Station! maybe we were frustrated but total calm came across every one - that is the way to deal with it!

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