Saturday, February 16, 2013

Without People Running City Rail People Can't Catch Their Own Trains!

People tell me lots of things and although it is just one person/ individual  telling myself some hot gossip, it is  not confirmed until you start haring it from someone else or from the media! Yet everyone has a right to say what they believe in, having the knowledge  knowing where the source of information is coming from.

By now, you are all thinking what is he leading too.  I'm leading to information provided to me, from one source that sounds ironic, strange, weird unless we know if it is true. What I have been told is a secret  that will be known in the future, so I have been told - so as I was told 2 weeks ago - I am telling it now as I think we have reached that future.

Apparently by June/ July 2013 all train stations will not have a Station Master running the day to day business of running a train station, within  Sydney's City Rail network - due to redundancies!
Don't  worry Duty Managers will be appointed to run train station in their absence, who seem to be less experienced then train station managers.  I hope that one day there will never be no employees on train stations as you do need people to run the ground work of City Rail's train network.

We'll see what happens around mid year to see if it is true!

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