Saturday, February 9, 2013

Improvements Required With Buses And Trains - Rooty Commuter!

Another day of a wonderful lady from Rooty Hill, Barbara coming with so much improvements for public transport, these could be listened too carefully by the public transport stake holders.

Barbara travels 10 days in a row by City Rail from Mount Druitt to Town Town hall and return for work. She leaves early in the mornings by car as there are no 754 buses at around 5am time table to take her and others to Mount Druitt train station. 

What she would like to see with train improvement is air-conditioning in winter is too cold. It appears when they turn it on for cooling/heating it not turn on early enough in the day and this creates total discomfort. If it was turn on early in the morning, then this would provide better benefits to to the commuter in relation to carriages having correct temperature control.

She has found with City Rail Track work  sometime there seems to be little or no connection form trains reaching Auburn and then waiting an hour or so for the next bus.  The buses do not seem to match the time tabled arrival  of the trains - bus tends to depart before you reach the bus stand. So a suggestion would be a minimum of  20 minutes between each service a t Auburn heading west.

It appears our public transport fares are going up, yet we are paying for the same services, nothing is different no improvement being seen. In London they have 2 minute trains services- maybe we could be like them but they are privately owned.

Editors notes; All the above points are valid points - should be looked into!

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