Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Young Whalan Worker - Didn't Take Job Because Of Lack Of Public Transport In The Western Sydney Employment Hub!

 A young new resident of Whalan  has recently moved from Old Mount Druitt, commutes by public transport catching the Westbus 780 to Mount Druitt train station and reaches Auburn train station allowing 10 minutes to reach work starting at 6 am.

He claims this is an improvement for himself  as he used to work in Punchbowl. He would like to one work in Mount Druitt and one have one mode of public transport.

He remembers  a few years ago that he was offered a labouring job in Eastern Creek - near the Western Sydney Employment Hub and didn't take the job up as there was any public transport that he could  make him reach there, I suggested he  looks up the  table for the  Busways 723 and that will cover that area now - this  bus service only started last year! He took in my advice.

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