Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Launch Of Proposed Mount Druitt Community And Commuters Improve Group Inc Free Shuttle Bus Petition!

People power without a petition is great but people power with a petition gives true life meaning.

What does this mean? It means that we as a public transport advocacy group representing the people of Mount Druitt have successfully  lobbied and received approval from Blacktown City Council  for a free shuttle bus travelling around the hub of Mount Druitt and recommendation has been referred to the NSW for Transport for same.

So our next step is to engage the community in signing a petition to show the Government of the Day we mean business or we  are meant to have good things  to happen in the area especially a  shuttle bus that will connect a lot of people around the hub of Mount Druitt. Something to be proud of and for.

We have the patience  to wait  for this to happen - I feel it will happen - if not today or tomorrow, when the NSW Government of the day realise that we are not playing around with them.

Again, we thank Blake Bardowksi who has  created the original shuttle bus route and I would like to  the people of Mount Druitt that I have made connections with in the past to work on getting this shuttle bus fully funded and going! The  people of Mount Druitt deserve to be proud of good things that happen in the area (which are  few and little and far  when it happens)

Here is the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus Petition you can download and return to us (once completed)

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