Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some Community Members Maybe Blind To What We Are Doing

One community member has mentioned to one of our Committee Members that our group is only looking after our individual bus services - we are not concerned of other bus services. 
A comment like this doesn't concern me as this is a normal reaction of a community member who may not  have the time to commit to our  cause as yet. Come the day that persons bus services is affect - they will be the first knocking on our door and possibly retract was was said before to our community member.

I will agree partly with  was is being said  by this community member, in that we all have our personal service that we are lobbying for, secondly we do want to support other areas and we do support other areas as we all agree it is a  the total area we are looking for changes to improve our bus services.

Maybe this community member doesn't read our blogs and local stories in local papers, is one of these people that likes to criticise without checking the facts. I would suggest to this community member to come and see what we are doing as head and eyes are looking at us a prominent group and vital group to advocate for public transport.

When we we were called as a group, 'Save our Bus Services Mount Druitt and Surrounding Suburbs', to some people and government members we were a 'Thorn' at their side. Really they  placed the 'thorn' on their side by allowing bus reviews to go through not having input to prevent the loss of bus services in community that they thought would not raise their voice. The thoughts could have been, ' Mount Druitt is easy, they won't complain - they have safe seat members of NSW Parliament' .

The last State Election proved to be  a seat in a major part of Mount Druitt Swinging their votes to reach an end result in Mount of 50/50 for the major parties.

As a community group we do not focus on one area, we focus on all areas for improvement of public transport within Mount Druitt and that still remains.

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