Friday, February 8, 2013

Commuters With Large Notes Expect Change!

What is frustrating with commuters who travel on buses, is when  they are providing the driver with a $50 note or even a $100 note.

The fare could be $2.20 and they expect to get the change from the $50.00 or $100.00. So this brings me to what happened tonight when a young gentleman, wanted to got to Emerton and offered to pay $50.00  towards his fare. The  bus driver advised, ' You can't do that!'

The young gentleman  said, ' I have just come from New Zealand, i don't have small coins, can't I get to Emerton'

I explained that he would need to acquire loose change from a local open shop, and asked that you wouldn't pay for public transport buses the same way  in New Zealand, would you!' 

He then left the 755 Busways bus as he was explained the next Emerton bus will be around 15 minutes later and it will be 758.

I suppose what can you say? Commuters with  large notes should realise the bus driver may not even have that much in the tin - and I have been told they don't  have a large float. Don't worry the Opal ticketing system that will be introduced within the next 18 months, will mean payment will be made via direct debit from commuters bank or financial institution accounts or you can pay cash at various stores and outlets.

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