Thursday, January 31, 2013

Story Of Whalan Regular Commuter - Now Retired!

 During our years or time of commuting on various forms of public transport,  using the same  bus routes and/or railway lines, some of us meet others and end  up with a  friendship  commuting on public transport. Others will not meet and talk to other commuters, they  are happy to have peace and quiet during the sleep.

I have a story to tell which I'm sure it happens to people you know or have known in the past. That is, a lady that has told myself her name on a few occasions (which I have forgotten - I have to remember a lot of people's name), catches the bus one bus stop after mine in the mornings. We had our little chats and went our own ways to catch the same train at Mount Druitt.  about 4 months ago on a Monday Morning all of a sudden never caught the bus, the weeks passed.

About three weeks ago, I bumped into her at the Mount Druitt shopping complex and was so relieved she was alive, alright and well. She had told myself at her  age pass 65 years, she decided she had enough at work and left her employment, by way of retirement.

The motto of  my true story is don't worry be happy and those that are not seen will be seen and all is then happy!

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