Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Time Table for City Rail Mount Druitt - Air-Conditioned Trains On Weekends!

One of our group  members Lester, has got some information  for us  (Just in case we didn't know):

A new timetable came into effect from 26th January 2013.  The changes do not effect the number of services as they are operational changes brought about by more Waratah sets coming into service resulting in the withdrawal of more of the non-air conditioned S sets.
A perusal of the Working Timetable supplied by a Transport Officer in RailCorp shows that the majority of trains serving Mt Druitt on Weekdays are now air conditioned, mostly with Tangaras and a small number of K sets.  All weekend train services from Mt Druitt are now air conditioned.  The non-air conditioned S sets now do only a small number of weekday runs and none at all on weekends.  A small number of S sets are kept in the depots as standby trains and can be brought into service to provide additional runs during major events or to replace a defective air conditioned train.
From the Working Timetable which is in the 24 hour format, these are the train services at Mt Druitt which are serviced by the non-air conditioned S sets:
Monday to Friday - Up Services - To The City - 13 services
0312, 0505, 0531, 0629, 0642, 0811, 0841, 1500, 1514, 1527, 1546, 1953, 2053.
Monday to Friday - Down Services - To Penrith - 14 services.

0711, 0805, 0924, 0942, 1007, 1033, 1812, 1909, 1923, 1942, 2014, 2328, 2416, 2428.
Total - 27 services
Weekends - All services are provided by Air Conditioned trains.

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