Sunday, February 17, 2013

Transit Officers Kept On Trains - What's your Thoughts?

There is  a Facebook group for 'Transit Officers kept on trains 2' - keep an eye on it with updating details.

I support we all have mixed feelings on who should protect us on public transport trains and buses - Transit Officers have been mostly used on trains.

Maybe the average commuter doesn't care who looks after them as long as they are being look after - and to me, in theory,  many transit officers could be move out to buses and provide safety to both commuters and  transport officers.

Usually any kind of security uniform seen by any one may prevent ant potential anti-social issues that can happen on public transport. In saying that I don't expect that there would be a single security/police officer on every carriage on every train! Than againn that could happen in the future!

Click here for The Facebook site For Transit Officers

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