Monday, February 4, 2013

Neville From Eastern Creek Seeks Increased Sunday Bus Services

Neville from Eastern Creek travels two to three times a month by bus to Mount Druitt and then travels by train to Town Hall. He was honest and said, 'Trains are alright!'

But buses are not to 'hot'! He currently finds on Busways 737 from Eastern Creek that bus services on Sunday are only 2 hourly. This creates a problem with him and other commuters that would like to  go down to Mount Druitt, do their shopping  - they are allowed a window of  approximately for shopping for about 90 minutes - allowing time to catch the return bus at home, if reaching Mount Druitt  bus interchange at 9.24am.

Neville  would like to see at least an hourly bus service on Sundays allowing more time to do shopping, and if you miss one service then  at least you have only one hour to wait. What he would do would be walk to Rooty Hill train station and then walk to Eastern Creek -  most likely a at least 45 minutes walk or more! Now keep it in mind he states that other community members would catch the  Bus Service.

He also said that it is good that I say things and advocate for the community as ' If you say nothing, nothing will happen!' It is more important for people to have their say and be heard, ears of importance are listening!

Click Here For Busways 737 Time Table!

Editors notes: After reviewing the 737 Busways time table, it is a Saturday and Sunday Time Table maybe both days show be reviewed to provide  better improved accesS through time table - this will promote a better public transport service. I know it depends on patronage - will see how we can go with it!

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