Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feed Back On Train Station Gates City Rail - Customer Service Manager - West

We have had a quick response from Dimitri Hondros, City Rail  Customer Service Manager - West, in relation to an enquiry that I was referred to yesterday.

In fact before I quote what he said it was so pleasing to get such a quick response and  I personally would like to say 'Thank you'  to Mr. Hondros for his instant reply.

His reply is, 'The only time the wide gate is left in the open position is when it is left unattended, for instance if gate staff go down to the platform to pick up correspondence or assist a wheelchair customer, at all other times the wide gate is to remain closed.' He further mentioned, 'Otherwise why have gates at all, everyone would simply walk through the wide gate!'

Check out original request provide to myself yesterday!

Editors notes: This where I agree for revenue purposes that the gate/barriers should be closed. In fact, I think if someone is struggling with luggage - maybe the barrier/gate can be opened.

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