Saturday, February 23, 2013

University Student from Mount Druitt Requires More Updated Train Carriages!

A young Sydney University student from Mount Druitt used to catch the Busways 754 to Mount Druitt and then from Mount Druitt Train Station City Rail train to Redfern and then changes for Newtown train station. Now he just catches the train as described.

H e on the Western Line,  he seems to get the trains that don't have air-conditioning. Yet he believes that South West services and other train line services seem to have the air-conditioning! It appears we don't get the air-conditioned trains due to trains being vandalised a lot. This could be a good reason why we don't get updated air-conditioned trains. Yet on the flip side of the coin, thinking of himself as a primary commuter and then other, on the Western Line  , the NSW government  do have to consider costs involved in providing updated train carriages.

 Although he also would like to see a  train service to Newtown, rather than change train stations, he does also understanding it depends on the amount of commuters that patronise that service. If it is only a  minority, he understands why this cannot happen.

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