Saturday, February 23, 2013

Educating The Community - Our Group!

Today was a great day for Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.  It was one of my proudest days of chairing a meeting, our attendance numbers were up  substantially, one new member accepted and  another new community member's first day with our group.

The Good news, new member is from the South Mount Druitt/Rooty Hill area and the new community member is from Emerton.

Our Meeting was fruit-fall and created a lot of  professional conversation amongst our members, covering local issues. I totally loved it and the people that came - they make it for Mount Druitt.

Even as a leader of a group if I don't learn something, that is not good - I learnt a few things and one of them hit me at the very last minute of the meeting when the new community members first meeting said she learnt a lot and found it educational.

That's it! In  lots of way we are an educational group for the local representatives who learn thing from each other go home and speak to others and get  the 'Good' word across. I want people to talk about public transport as if it isn't a secondary type of transport for them that it is a form of transport they rely on and have great access to services and connections to get to the end destinations each day.

Subconsciously, I never knew that we can be a group that teaches the community of 'Public transport' within our local area. We are not 'Paid' teachers yet  we  seem to be touching people every day as we promote what we are doing.


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