Saturday, February 23, 2013

Commuters Running Away From Smell on Trains - Doonside Commuter

Marilou from Doonside a lady that had rushed on the Parramatta train, as if she was trialling for the Olympics, travels by City Rail from Doonside to Wynyard and allowing 3 minutes to reach her bus  for transfers to Mosman for work.

She has told myself, she is so pleased that the trains run to timetable and are exactly on time. The main issue she has is getting on a train with her friends and gets a 'Stinky Poo' smell from the top carriage - which is rather embarrassing to discuss she claims. That's why her and her friends sit down on the bottom of the carriage.

She hopes that the person that has the unhygienic smell, created by not cleaning their bodies in the right parts well, has read this story and changes their act entirely or NSW for Transport look at  promoting hygiene on public transport as a way of improving the health of commuters whilst travelling on public transport, by way of community adds and also to televise on all other forms of media.

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