Saturday, February 2, 2013

School Children Needed To Be Issued With Tickets - Even Though They Have Bus Passes!

New Electronic Ticketing Machine on buses produce different tickets. With the the new ones  - Drivers complain it is a longer roll and  now bus tickets have to be printed and issued for school children with bus passes,  (not done in the past).

This can also reduce driving time and increase waiting time for commuters. Here is an example of the old and new tickets:

Old Busways  My Multi Ticket

New Busways My Multi Ticket
The new ticket, I  have noticed  doesn't have the amount paid ( although because  I prepay my ticket before and the old ticket showed: Zero), also has interesting information: 2 times are different, which stand you got on the bus, the route number and that it is an outwards journey from Mount Druitt.

I'll try to see if we can get some information from Busways  explanation of the ticket!

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