Friday, February 8, 2013

Overheated Commuters On Western Line Tonight!

Everyone prefers comfort when it come to travelling especially by public transport. Some times it can be out of City Rail's control when things don't work. I was overwhelmed with not only external heat but for the first time internal heat from the inside a 'Tangara' City Rail train heading to Penrith at 5.15pm

Commuters on the train, were fanning themselves with what they could, feeling the heat cooling themselves with drinking liquids and perspiring with sweat. What was it was a non air-conditioned train. What was astonishing was there was no apology or announcements from the guard, no thoughts of  at least advising that they are aware of the situation... not one single acknowledgement.

A I stepped off the train at Mount Druitt, I explained to the guard that  commuters are overheating - he advised he knew about the air-conditioners  not working and that  he had reported it. He asked me, "What else can I do?'

I simply said, 'I'm not arguing, I'm only trying to suggest to you that you should make an announcement to the commuters!'

His reply was, 'And then what will that do to them, they are aware it is not working!'

My response was, ' At least an apology will place them in more comfort!'

Great response from a transport Officer not being able to think pro-actively, take that lead ask his line Managers if he can make that announcement! In fact I hope he did apologise to commuters after I left him - that is all it takes. On the point of the train not being fully air-conditioned - strategically it may place the entire City Rail System behind with their time table, if a train has to be replaced - maybe a suggest is terminate commuters at a major train station.

City Rail can apologise for the inconvenience, move on and commuters can wait for next air-conditioned train to arrive - take the non air-conditioned train  out of service to be  referred for maintenance.

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