Monday, February 18, 2013

New Safety Measure Suggestion For City Rail Trains - Woodcroft Commuter

 A  thinking gentleman Kumar, from Woodcroft travels return  from Doonside train station to St Leonards train station, Monday to Friday and finds it is common to him that  there are running late trains.  

As individuals, missing a train to reach work and arrive late can  create mood changes towards your employer and the people you meet every day because you were not happy that you are waiting for the trains that take time to arrive or even miss your regular one!
he claims  most of the late issues  could be  based on shortage of staff and/or  not maintaining a high level of regular checking of train vehicle maintenance. This in itself can have a big impact in providing an improved efficient train service.

Kumar is also concerned when he travels after 7pm to home on trains and has noticed a high amount of women waiting at train stations and sitting in train carriages. This, in itself poses questions of safety and he feels one of the best ways to maintain safety in public transport trains would be to hire police/ transit officers at least two of them patrolling on each train station platform, where trains are arriving and leaving at night.

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