Thursday, February 28, 2013

Transport Officer Claims First Time On Time!

 A transport officer I have spoken to today, drives buses, was earlier then expended in Mount Druitt Bus Interchange. When told of this he advised  the driver was driving for years and first time he has done that.  The bus driver claims most arrives a little late.

Fantastic, this increases this increases the on time running that the bus operator is maintaining. The bus driver seemed more shocked and surprised and we both agreed that when the ETS ( Electronic Ticketing System) is introduced in the area. Although the bus driver is wondering how it will effect pensioners,  how will they deal with the changes.

 As long as group like ours inform the commuter, transport for NSW, Busways and Westbus website sites then a majority of community will eventually be prepared for these changes.

Yet it is amazing that the bus driver came up with the phrase, to have Pre-Pay buses - you need to have 'Cashless buses'!

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