Monday, February 25, 2013

Politicians Needs for More Action To Improve 'City Rail' or Become 'Nato's'!

A very inspirational lady is a world of knowledge with trains and comparing  the whole world to the standards we have with City Rail. It appears we are far behind in the western world and in further behind in the Asian Cities that  that rail infrastructure and services.

Nenet from Blacktown that  in its current conditional state and  facilities like seats on trains are not comfortable, air conditioning is very hot in summer  and very cold in winter. Carriages are very dirty and she herself doesn't feel safe because of this.

 NSW Government should be looking at providing huge amounts of funding allocation to overhaul the City Rail infrastructure and schedules of services to catch up with the Western world, where trains are frequent, clean and comfortable for each and every commuter. Although our City Rail to her her is ranked the worst in the world, she does understand the difficulty is changing railway lines and improvements in them.

She claims every politician promises to make all overhauled changes in public transport, yet money constraints could be preventing improvements. There should be considerable amount of funds allocated tom improve public transport to make it Number 1. Priority on this improves the liveability of commuters, especially to work and having a better quality of life.

When something happens on one line - like signal failures - this has a ripple effect on all City Rail lines and also to her if she has to pick up her child from a child centre at a certain time and won't be there in time!

Finally the NSW needs to engage commuters and communicate  as it models a better City Rail  improved future.

Nenet advises there are two types of politicians  'Nato Party - (No Action Talk Only) and the other is the opposite.

She believes the Nato politician's  talk too much and  do no action!

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