Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Table 674 Must Have Time Table For The West End Of Whalan - MDCIG Group Members!

With the increased patronage ( as advised by our Group members), on the extended Westbus 674, the issue is that commuters that want to catch the 674 are not aware of what time the time table is for every stop. Although to produce a correct time table  every bus top with numbers should be included in the hard copy time tables but only summarised version of  each route is printed. 

So we will be asking Westbus to review their time tables, which currently is as per Link (and copied below) to see if they can add at least a bus top from somewhere in-between Gasmatta, Moresby and Samarai Roads, to satisfy commuters in West Whalan.

Example of  time table for  Westbus

mapref       Route Number                             674 674 
                                                                         am   pm

A        Windsor Mall (Kable St)                        8.22 3.54
B        Windsor Interchange (George St)           8.26 3.58
C        George St & Drummond St                    8.30 4.02
D        Rifle Range Rd & Mileham St                8.34 4.06
K        John Morony Correctional Complex      8.40 4.12
E        Richmond Rd & Llandilo Rd                  8.48 4.20
L        Palmyra Av & Stony Creek Rd              8.57 4.29
M      Hatherton Rd & Rymill Rd                      9.01 4.33
N       Luxford Rd & Aurora Dr                        9.04 4.36
O       Mount Druitt Interchange                        9.14 4.46

These are section points of route 674:

Section  Point Legend
00           Kable St, Windsor
01           Windsor Interchange
02           George & Drummond Sts
03           Rifle Range & Sirius Rds
04           George St & Richmond Rd
05           1.6km East of George St
06           Richmond Rd & St Marys Rd
07           St Marys Rd & Government Rd
08           St Marys Rd & Sirius Pl
09           Shane Park Rd
10           Palmyra Ave & Shanes Park Rd
11           Palmyra Ave & Captain Cook Dr
12           Hatherton Rd
13           Luxford Rd & Popondetta Rd
14           Luxford Rd & Belmore Ave
15          Mount Druitt Interchange

By this you can see that maybe the time tables could be based on sectioned bus stop, which can present a better spread of understanding time tables when they are published and issued to the public.

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