Friday, March 1, 2013

750 Buywas Mount Druitt to Blacktown Route - Good News!

Rumour has it that some thing new (of recent) is coming to Mount Druitt! What is it you are asking?

Well it is involves public transport. It involves buses and it involves Busways. No it will not change time table running of buses dramatically or  even slightly. So now you must he thinking what is new  and not affecting timetabling of buses with Busways. Another Clue it started in Blacktown last year!

No you can't guess it! You'll have probably run out of guesses by now. Oh, alright - I'll let you know; Double Decker Buses. Busways are looking  to introduce Double Decker buses on the Busways 750 run. This runs to and from Blacktown. There is only one problem - not concerning us. 
Busways double decker bus.

They are waiting for Blacktown City Council to cut down the  over hanging trees on Carlisle avenue and I'm sure you can guess why?

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