Friday, April 19, 2013

Up To Date Tally On Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus Petition!

Well we do have limited amount of members of our group spreading the work around and collecting petitions for the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus petition. We have unlimited  resources in spreading the word through community organisations and local businesses.

So with the help of all far, we are on the first step of getting the required minimum 10,000 petitions the grand total so far is:

We thank all of the community that have been busy signing these petitions making it an important good issue for Mount Druitt community to obtain. The transport decision makers that think it is impossible for us to do this - please change your mind as stubbornness or blind sight of them, will not get in our way!

We were told  that once you reach 500 petitions, it shows interest and 3,000 is a reasonable reason to submit to the NSW Government These are my personal thoughts:

  • 500 petitions show interest
  • 3-4,000 petitions shows real enthusiasm
  • 10,000 excitement and seriousness to supporting it
  • Over 10,000 means that it will be a widely used shuttle bus and there  no question the NSW Government  should not support and implement it!

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