Monday, April 15, 2013

Thoughts Of Needed Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus

Glen from Bidwill and my brain must have somehow send messages to each other before we met, today.  After I approached Glen and advised him what we are lobbying for he then advised myself, it was amazing that he just dropped off his wife in Penrith and they were talking about the Free Shuttle bus that was redirected from Panthers Club in Penrith ( they understood the reason why) and was wondering if there was one in Mount Druitt!

And here I was...... so he signed the petitioned immediately. After he signed he said he is a community volunteer and any human  links that will be benefiting the community, especially to do with  disabilities and engaging them more into the community he backs up 100 percent. This Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus petition is needed to be supported!

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