Friday, April 26, 2013

Busways Bus Drivers Supporting Free Mount Druitt Bus Shuttle Petition!

Amazing, I really don't have to do anything. The Word spreads by itself! They say one word can spread to one other and that one spreads the word to another and so on. Well, what makes my job easy is people talking and spreading the word, instead of myself doing it.

 In fact, I am proud of the people of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs that are really feeling pumped up and excited that we are eventually getting a  Free shuttle bus not only are the people are talk but there is one or two bus drivers  taking up the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle petition, mentioning it to bus commuters and they are asking what the proposed route looks like. In fact the bus driver explains the route to them. So far this bus driver has nearly twenty commuters that have signed the petition.  The bus driver has referred the petition to the Depot Manager and his eyes has widened not realising that Mount Druitt is a large populated town.

Just like me, this bus driver is proud of living and even driving buses around Mount Druitt. I take my hat off to this bus driver!

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