Tuesday, April 30, 2013

South Penrith Commuter Supports The 'Y' Link Train!

A very tired lady from Penrith, travels to and from Fairfield by City Rail trains as she transfers at Granville every day. She wasn't aware of the 'Y' link train direct to Fairfield or even Cabramatta.

Without the 'Y' train single link from Fairfield/Cabramatta to Penrith and return, it takes her 1 1/2 travelling time some times late at night. obviously Nhuly thinks this will cut  her travelling time by at least twenty minutes providing her with quality time at home.

Yet she still has to face issues coming home of catching the Westbus 791 to South Penrith, which, mostly the bus leaves before her trains connects to catch the bus and asks why this cannot be fixed up.

She told myself, of an experience with a commuter that have taken up 4 seats on a train: one seat blocking luggage, one seat for herself, one seat for feet laying across the seat and the final seat was for her handbag. When she kindly asked the lady for the seat the lady refused and Nhuly asked if the lady was paying for  4 seats or 1 and  she even had proven photos as the lady did this to her.

Has this  happened to you?

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