Friday, April 12, 2013

Public Transport Users Social Networking While Commuting- Jamisontown Commuter!

A very nice speaking Ryan from Jamisontown advised that his partner and himself have  developed great social networking commuting friends from using City Rail trains. 

Special group of friends have developed over train travelling time an everlasting friendly relationship that bring the train commuter together - a different meaning to travelling without talking to the one that is not known to you. This commuter community visits households and is entertained with these wonderful friendships, whilst providing a way of looking after each other whilst travelling on trains. This is such a  beautiful story, Ryan was so passionate and a self-believer in how public transport can inspire individual lives, meeting people and sometime sharing and caring for each other. Wow - this has blown me out!

In the meantime Ryan claims that after some work colleagues leaves Doonside train station, he is left with the fear that there is not much safety officers patrolling  trains until he gets off at Penrith

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