Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Response From Chifley College - RE 15th June 2012

Yesterday, after speaking to Chifley College Principal Mark Burnard,  we have come to some resolution that they have fixed up the problem of Whalan High School not being recognised any more as referred to Mount Druitt High School Principal.

We have been informed  that there has been no cases brought up to the Chifley College last year of school passes being rejected and would like the any copies of letters, correspondence to be referred to him.  I will be speaking to Ken from Whalan , hopefully at end of this month to resolve the matter and see what evidence he has from Chifley College.

 In the mean time we wonder how bureaucracies take things that are meaningless to themselves and don't  do what they originally say! NSW Mount Druitt Education Department  seems like they didn't act on our original e-mail I had last year.

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