Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Waiting Game For Westbus 771 Bus Service - Mount Druitt Commuter

A lovely lady living in Mount Druitt for two months, travels  from Mount Druitt Train Station to Town Hall Station during week days while she is  doing work experience. She is originally from Dandenong, Victoria and will be relocating back there in two weeks time.

Her issue is not with trains as she claims City Rail trains are good - no issues. When returning in the afternoon from work experience, she has to catch the Westbus 771 bus to Colyton to pick up her children from a day care centre, then return to Mount Druitt bus interchange and walk ten minutes to her home in Mount Druitt. 

The issue is at the Mount Druitt bus interchange she has to wait for bus service for 10 minutes, after travelling an hour on the train and feel this is a great discomfort to her. She would like bus services to be increased to every fifteen minutes rather than the service they are currently providing and she also admits that other commuter catching the same service would benefit as well!

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