Friday, April 5, 2013

Comments From Free Shuttle Bus Petition For Mount Druitt - 'Passion Of Love For The Community'

See people think what I do is hard work as a volunteer and I say 'No'. It is now comes as before a as a 'passion of love for the Mount Druitt community'.

I  have spent  at least 5-6 hours  at Mount Druitt top of escalators and bottom of escalators, asking people to sign for a 'Free Shuttle Bus Petition for Mount Druitt'. I get many reactions as people seem like they are listening to music in their earphones (and they probably are), look at me and head on home, shopping or 'training'!

I had in the last 2 days 2 people come back to me after they have walked past, five minutes later they come back to sign petition. Standing on top of the escalators, one of them walk past myself oblivious to what I was saying to the downstairs bus stand and when he approached he advised the word 'Free shuttle bus' hit him downstairs he said that he had to sign the petition.

I had one man sign the petition and come with his wife about 8 minutes later for her to sign as well. She said my husband said I have to sign as we need 10,000 signatures.

Although we are a long way  to getting, we have made great inroads in getting the message to the entire community. First of all: blogspot where we are having thousands of readers visiting per month, then the local  journal media, who always place our meeting dates in their dairy events/ community events calendar,  finally and primary is the very simple thing of speaking by word of mouth. That is one spreading the word to another and the other spreads to a different other or two and so on!

Comments from commuters signing the petition;

  1. 'Bloody oath!',
  2. We need it, 
  3. Thank you for doing this, 
  4. we are paying too much for buses we need a free bus,
  5.  I work in Emerton and would need the service to take me there and my free would be cheaper, 
  6. Parramatta's got one and Penrith has on, why not Mount Druitt? 
  7. I would use the bus service every day, 
  8. One young man said he was never a bus commuter but because he was with his girlfriend waiting for a bus, both will sign the petition as they both feel they would use the free bus shuttle service,
  9. A  very nice lady who had her very young son talking nicely to me telling me how he does nice craft, suggested to me after signing the petition I should walk up and down the bus requesting for petitions to be signed.

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