Monday, April 15, 2013

Financial Support Required From Rooty HIll RSL - Mount Druitt Commuter For Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle!

As I was seeking signatures for the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus petition, I met Kelly and Tui who have recently changed their lifestyle , sold there car as  they claim it is too costly to pay for petrol, also too costly on on-running costs. Thus they depend on walk and public transport to get around.

They both claim that the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus will be handy to reaching hospital  for visiting , especially shopping for the elderly and will make people 'enjoy' their life better. They feel  the Rooty Hill RSL should have  been the one promoting this  as it could be a place that people go to to relax have coffee and return back to Mount Druitt. THe Rooty HIll RSL will definitely financially benefit from it as more people will come into the club and relax.

I think they would like the Rooty RSL to be  a major financial supporter for the Mount Druitt Free bus shuttle!

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