Friday, April 19, 2013

Public Comments Re- Signing The Mount Druitt Free Bus Shuttle!

When I go out there people are really  making a statement during signing the Mount Druitt Shuttle Bus petition  They all seem to have different ranges, even from ones that don't understand what we are doing and here are the general comments - some may have  been quoted in previous blogs and if when will add the comments to this blog:

  • Bloody oath we need one
  • We need it
  • We need something good within the area as all other people and media know of is  in our area is bad news!
  • Thank you for doing this
  • Paying too much for public transport fares this would be a small compensation
  • Great connection to Mount Druitt hospital - this is important!
  • Can have coffee, relax at Rooty RSL and catch another looping bus to Westfield to shops
  • We need it, we need it, we definitely need it - what a great idea!
  • I don't have a car  and get a bus  from Dharruk to Mount Druitt and walk with a pram and two children to Mount Druitt hospital and back again to Mount Druitt - at night  it is really scary - the Free shuttle bus will make it safer and easier for us.
  • We don't have a car and to Mount Druitt hospital quite a few times - we are happy with this as this will make it better and easier for us - two young ladies.
  • This is what is needed - I only catch bus and trains and not only I but the people need it.
  • This is good for the elderly to get around, relax and their life will be made a little bit easy.
  • Thank you for doing this I will use it many times.
  • Why wasn't this thought before, Parramatta has one, Blacktown has one and Penrith has one - why did we miss out in Mount Druitt.

Updated 27/4/13

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