Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mount Druitt Proposed Free Bus Shuttle Service - Must Reduce Another Bus Service At All!

It just occurred to me today, as I have been discussing the  proposal of the Mount Druitt Proposed Free Bus Shuttles to families and friends. That is one thing we do not want is NSW For Transport,  NSW Transport Minister, Premier and the entire NSW Government to reduce one bus service from NSW Bus Region 1 and also anywhere in New South Wales, just for an implementation of a  new Shuttle Bus Service within Mount Druitt.

It would be detrimental to any commuters if that is what the bureaucrats think, when they decide to accept our proposal. For the people of Mount Druitt and with NSW, I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I could vision them saying, 'Right, Mount Druitt's new Free Bus Shuttle - we don't  need the 750 Bus service to be run any more - politicians will take the blame (this just an example of a route used)!

As population  and patronage increases ,so should important and vital services

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