Friday, April 26, 2013

Warm Welcome From Rooty Hill Commuters For Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus!

I have been lobbying at Mount Druitt bus interchange: top of the escalators, bottom of the escalators, bus stand 1, 2, 3,4, 5.6.7 & 8, Dawson Mall,  south side of Mount Druitt train station (near escalators), inside buses, inside trains, on Mount Druitt train station platforms and tonight I was seen at the Rooty Hill train (north: end of ramp) near 756-7 bus stop.

Well why Rooty Hill? Simply Rooty Hill is part of Mount Druitt and  is a great link to Mount Druitt. You may even call it the 'Eastern Suburbs of Mount Druitt'.

I picked up 30 petitions tonight and of these, was strong support for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus Petition. I know it may sound crazy to lobby an area that the Free Shuttle Bus is not directly going into but it is not going far away from it. This brings more communities together, more people together, more links in public transport together. It might even promote more people to use buses and other forms of public transport.

I had one lady who took 2 copies of the petition as she notified us that she knows a group of 80 people that might sign the petition, people that need the bus services and  definitely 50 of them sill sign the petition tomorrow night, who will need this service to meet their daily needs. 

A gentleman took one petition copy as he claims he will get people from his work to sign as they work around the area and will use this service to fulfil their daily needs.

A lovely lady who was waiting for the Bus to go to Rooty Hill RSL, stated this is good for the elderly, especially Fridays where people to go the club to relax and then can come to relax as well. She even suggested  that she will take a petition to the people she knows  and ask them to sign it and lobby the Rooty Hill RSL management to sign the petition as well, provide morale support  and further support as needed.

Another lady said fantastic I'll add it to my Facebook Page! That creates more links to other people.

Another gentleman from North Sydney travels to Rooty Hill-Mount Druitt said he will promote to others in North Sydney and north shore.

Another man said that the free bus shuttle works in Cremorne and is always well patronised why not here it could be better patronised.

So what did people think the local businesses will do to support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus in North Rooty Hill: a lot of the business may not support it as the Mount Druitt Free shuttle bus is not coming into their main street. 

My thoughts are that if I approach each business myself they may it more if they understand and then they would support it. Then they can  have a commercial gain from it if the final Mount Druitt Free bus shuttle route links into Rooty Hill - looping two great towns together.

The overall reception I received was warm and welcome! I will be back at Rooty Hill, mark my word!

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