Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wow! Not Much Signatures For petition From Me But More Avenues To Promotes The Free Shuttle Bus For Mount Druitt'

So today I have decided to do something that I like to do: rain or sun. If you haven't read previous blogs on this blogspot before then you wouldn't know what I am talking about. Maybe you can click here and it will give you a clue!

If not, read on and I will tell you. So today I went straight to Zoe Place, Mount Druitt and 'walked the shops'. That is so to say that I went to almost all shops to lobby nicely for the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle bus and received a 95 cent positive welcome and feedback with initial responses. The smaller shops and businesses are able to give permission strait away, to having petitions at their place of business, not only sell their items but promote and ask customers to sign the petition that will make life easier for  only only them but their employees.

I left a petition at the Salvation Army Employment Centre, under their doorway, safely ( as they were not open). Then I approached the owner of IPS Supermarket, Dunya Butchery, Subway and Golden Hot Bread and Cakes, Zoe Place Mount Druitt, all took on the petition as they could the financial benefits for them  and their customers.

I went to Aldi's spoke to the Store Manager and he advised he will need to seek permission from his Head Office, before they can assist us and obtain signatures for the petition . This is now common with franchised  or even large business, they cannot make the decision locally it has to be approved by the board, or next direct manager. He remembered my self on the previous lobbying I had done before we had the petition prepared. He claims it is a good idea as he did last time.

Then Shop mart shops I headed for the Centre Manager's office and was  told nicely by a  cleaner he is away for the week - no back - can contact him for an emergency and as I explained the  Free Shuttle bus route, she went to the Wendy's store and the gentleman there said we need one, he would sign the petition and promote the petition to customers for them to sign.

Then  I went to Exclusive Hair Nails And Beauty Salon, Douglass  Hanly Noir Pathology, Smart Family Practice, Shopsmart Pharmacy  Rivers, Budget Variety, Furniture Blitz, Jai Ho International P/L, Sewing bee Shop, Spotlight, Gloria Jeans, Trade Secret, Givas and IT Girl. Basically the small shops all saw the positive affect of promotion a Free Shuttle bus, the one's that needed permission from their Head Office, agreed to sign the petition straight away as individuals.

I then went to The Mount Druitt Hopsital met a very very nice lady Lea, who advised that we will need to speak to Julia Yorke, Operation Nurse manager  to see approval for the Mount Druitt Hospital to support the Mount Druitt Free Shuttle Bus petition. Also went to Kevin Betts Station - Julia advised that once she refers to her manager early next there should be no problems in supporting the  petition. I went to the Novatel, spoke to manager Morgan from the Novatel and she will refe to her manager to get a response  and Finally spoke to Cliff Manager from Rooty RSL and he advise that he knows a Free bus shuttle  is good as he uses the Parramatta free bus shuttle and  also the club has shuttle taking members homes - not one that will make a connect and lick for the community like this - he was impressed and advised Rob Errington CEO will be in touch with us.

What a positive day. Only 2 shops were negative towards the shuttle bus: one was a lady that she says she doesn't speak English, although she was able to that to me in 'English' and telling me she has to put prices down also said in 'English'! If you wanted to buy a shoe she speaks 'English!'

Another shop assistant advised, her owners are not interested in promotions when I advised her it is not a promotion it is lobbying for a free bus - she advised 'Head office' not interested!

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