Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Buses To Replace Trains In Non-Time Table City Rail Services - Suggestion by Seven Hills Commuter

Again, day to day when I speak to wonderful people who commute on buses, trains & taxis - each person has theor own quality of response to improvements on either one or all forms of public transport. Really it is  placing them in the 'Hot Seat of Decision' and providing their momentary reaction to suddenly find an answer to what they would like improved!

So last night I spoke to Lucy from Seven Hills catches City Rail Trains from Seven Hills to Granville for work each workday week and is not concerned of her train station, yet worried of  other commuters from other train stations. She says that Seven Hills has more than ample amount of train services but her sister  catching trains from Pendle finds if missing a train, there is up to half an hour wait to catch the next train. Not only Pendle Hill train station also Toongabbie and Wentworthville. So her suggestion is for shuttle buses taking commuters from smaller train stations (when there is no time table at these train stations) to  Westmead or Seven Hills , where is a better chance to get an improved service.

Actually, when you think of the idea, it could be good! what do you think?

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