Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Search ....And Was Found By The NSW State MLC Member, Penny Sharpe!

Here I was reaching Mount Druitt train station vestibule area and no Honorary, Penny Sharpe NSW Member Legislative Council, Shadow Minister/Spokesperson for Transport, after referring to Mount Druitt - St Marys Standard article: Click here for previous article!

So here I was collected one signature on the top of the escalators and this young lady listened to me and then said politely. ' I can't sign the Mount Druitt Shuttle bus petition as politicians have to be the last ones to sign them'. It didn't hit me straight away, until she mentioned her name 'Penny Sharpe'.

Well I nearly fell over myself, she was like an ordinary Mount Druitt person. I apologised for my rudeness and started to explain  our bus shuttle petition. Before I reached the Kurrajong, as I indicated where the route was going, she stated ' Great linkage' - Wow. I thought to myself, she has come hear for a different issue, yet she is very impressed with our bus shuttle petition. 

A  powerful statement that M/s Sharpe had said  to me stunned myself. It was that, 'It is good to have a website where people can have their say on public transport and finds the Mount Druitt blogspot interesting!'

We shared common goals, even on the safety on City Rail trains and she was happy to hear that about 4-5 members of our group may be attending the Hub Meeting on the 2/5/13.

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